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Start small and add what you need later with Sirrus, our intuitive cloud-based LMS. You decide exactly what you want now and when the time comes, expand as your business grows.


Whether you need an off-the-shelf training suite or a custom eLearning solution built from the ground up, we’ve got a package to suit your needs and budget.


We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of online learning and incorporate proven educational tools and practices in our courses that turn employees into insatiable learners.


Cortex Interactive has an end to end localisation service for eLearning projects which can help you translate and localise your content including text translation and audio recordings into 50 different languages.


About Us

Just like people, no two business are born the same. Each has its own unique makeup of individuals with different strengths, knowledge and capabilities. We understand that people learn in different ways and at different paces, but we know and believe that at the heart of every learning experience is to play – and because of this we infuse elements of gamifications into all of our training programs. This enables us to deliver experiences that not only help learners better understand the source material, but also ensure that they enjoy taking part in the learning process.

Our training solutions are easy to approach, yet complex enough to activate and stimulate the learning centres of the brain. After all, the brain doesn’t respond well to spoon feeding. It prefers to devour information in its own way, be it with a knife and fork, chopsticks, or straight from the hand. Allow the cerebral cortex the breadth of options it needs – and it thrives.

The key to designing valuable training is knowledge – of both the way in which we as humans learn, and the specific needs of a project. The better we understand your particular needs, wants, motivations, and workers, the better the training is going to be and the more time, money and stress you’re going to save. To us, training is a journey that should be looked forward to and enjoyed, and when done right it absolutely is.

So give us a call, email, text, fax, have a look at our Tiers of Service (Not Terms of Service – has anyone ever actually read those before?) or come and knock on our office doors, and let’s get your training solution perfected.





Tiers of Services

All of our courses are 100% SCORM compliant, and we handle all course publishing and deployment for you. Select which tier best suits your needs, and that will be our guide to setting up your perfect training solution.

Tier 1 I want to make them aware
Tier 2 They need to understand
Tier 3 They need to apply knowledge
Tier 4 They need to learn and develop skills
Instructional Design
Script Writing
Lesson Plan
Custom Instructional Design
Rich Media
Film and photography
Motion Graphics
Stylised Animation
Photorealistic Animation
Lip sync with animation
Simulation (Gaming Technology)
Course Interactions
Interactive Learner Checkpoints
Every 12 minutes
Every 5 minutes
Every 3 minutes
Every 2 minutes
Assessment Questions

Off The Shelf Products

  • Overtaking Procedures

    Cardinal rule 7, Overtaking Procedures was developed to give employees a visual demonstration of the clarification of an off road heavy vehicle and highlights the dangers associated with attempting to overtake an off road heavy vehicle.

    Permit to Work

    This video was developed to teach employees how, when and why a "permit to work" is used. It includes a number of interactive activities, such as hotspots and drag and drops to keep learners engaged as they progress through the course.

    No Go Zones

    Cardinal rule 3, No Go Zones was developed to give employees a visual demonstration of the site specific exclusion areas and the risks associated with entering these zones.

  • Traffic Management

    Accidents involving Light vehicles and Surface mobile equipment can be extremely serious. This module outlines the rules that you are required to undertake to avoid these accidents.


    This health and safety induction uses clear communication and stylised animations to demonstrate key safety responsibilities and requirements, and informs learners about the Docklands Light Railway family.


    This is a short video detailing an employee assistance program. By using actual images of employees and a strong voiceover we were able to effectively communicate what is on offer.

  • Site Induction

    This site induction details all that is expected of new employees before they go on their first site induction. Using HD video, images, animations, and a clear voiceover artist, we are able to keep employees attention throughout the entire video to ensure they know what to do, and just as importantly, what not do to.

    Confined Space

    Confined space was developed for staff that need to enter a confined space. The course gives an overview of entry / exit procedures for confined space and outlines hazards found inside confined spaces.




Our Instructional Design team has decades of experience, guaranteeing your scripting, storyboarding, and design elements are engaging, unique and cohesive!


The script is the foundation of your custom course, and as such it needs to entertain and engage as well as teach. Our script writing team meticulously researches, plans, and implements what you need before you’re aware you need it.


A detailed storyboard will show you exactly how your course is going to look before it’s been built, allowing us to perfect everything down to the smallest detail before jumping in, saving time and resources later on.


Our team of skilled voiceover artists provide variety throughout training, ensuring users are always paying attention to the key content and principles they need.


Our stylised animation captures the storytelling centre of the brain, allowing learners to picture themselves going through the processes step-by-step.


Streamline your training process with physical learning aids such as posters, calendars, cards or stationery to really get your message across.


Create an immersive and interactive 3D experience. From web-based applications through to custom controllers and virtual reality, we have what you need to push your training to the next level.


Create compelling visuals with our team of producers, cinematographers and sound technicians.


Learning from play and experimentation is how we as humans have always excelled. That’s why we incorporate gamification design into all of our custom courses, and why you should demand it in yours.


We use HTML based interactions that effectively inform and assess your viewers, supporting an experience that will be remembered and recommended.


To really simulate an in-the-field experience in a safe, accident free setting and save big on relocation costs, we build fully immersive 3D environments to accurately mimic the real thing.


Never be left in the dark again. Our training solutions work across web, desktop and mobile platforms to make sure all your trainee needs are met from the outset.


Our 100% SCORM compliant courses allow greater flexibility of training, which in turn enables us to adapt to your needs as they arise.


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